Our School

Mahana School is located about 30 minutes from Nelson city. Our school is a rural full primary (ages 5–13) with a roll of about 60-80 students and four classrooms.

There are three full time registered teachers, including the principal, and one part-time teacher. The Principal and the part time teacher share the teaching in the Kotuku classroom.

To assist each child to reach his/her potential learning levels the school funds a Special Needs Teacher Aide to work with individuals and small groups in remedial and extension activities, such as the GATE (Gifted and Talented) programme.

Children requiring reading recovery are supported by a Reading Recovery teacher through our cluster involvement with Upper Moutere School.

The school has a music teacher available all year round to provide individual tuition for those who would like it.

Our Staff

Justin NealKia Ora, I’m Justin Neal and I’m the school principal as well as teacher in Kotuku. I like to help people to learn, and I like learning from people. If I couldn’t be a principal or teacher I would love to be a sports reporter. My favourite sport is rugby and I like cricket as well. I like playing with my 3 kids William, Jacob, and Lauren at home. I have a cat called Jetstar but we call it ‘Cat’. I love pancakes with lots of maple syrup. I would love to have a dog. I like being at Mahana School because it is a happy place with a fantastic community.

Carolyn ScorrarMy name is Carolyn Scorrar. For the past 6 years my husband and I have lived in Dovedale with our two young daughters. We own 5 acres and a number of animals, including sheep, chickens, pigs, dogs, birds and a cow. I spent my first two years teaching in England and the last 6 at Mahana. Outside of school I love to watch movies, keep our property tidy (an ongoing mission!) and eat curry.

Kerin DodunskiMy name is Kerin Dodunski. I feel extremely privileged to be working with your children and to be part of the Mahana School family. My husband Neil and I moved to Nelson with our children Anthony, dogs Ruby and Willoh, and 3 cats in April 2012. Our daughter Gemma lives in New Plymouth. When I’m not at school, I enjoy crafts, walking Ruby, puzzles, kayaking and slowly renovating our house in Enner Glynn.

Jane BoseckeKia ora. I’m Whaea Jane and I enjoy teaching in the Kotuku class. I am married to Steve and we have four sons. I love playing sport, especially touch rugby, hockey and more recently golf. Music is great and I enjoy playing a few instruments and doing lots of singing.

SandraHi. My name is Sandra Rolls and I teach in Kōtare. My husband, Shaun, and I live in Richmond with a very large cat named Obi Wan Cat Nobi. I have two children, Christie and Mitchell, who are all grown-up and living away from home… mostly.
In my spare time I love to read and swim, although not at the same time. I also love going out for coffee and catching movies where I enjoy dipping my icecream into my popcorn. Do not knock that until you have tried it.
I have been teaching for a long, long time now and couldn’t imagine doing anything else unless someone paid me a lot of money to write a book.

CamHi my name is Cam (Campbell) Head and I have been teaching both full and part time over the last 13 years. I hail originally from Wellington and have been living in beautiful Ruby Bay for the last 5 years with my wife Nikki and 2 daughters Zara (9) and Lucy (7).  Before teaching I worked in Advertising in account service and then copywriting. I am a rugby tragic and enjoy paddle boarding, mountain biking, swimming and morning teas.
Learning is something I like to do side by side with my students. As you’d expect, we do the 3Rs but there are another 3Rs I am passionate about. They are, Risk taking, Resilience and Reward. Basically that’s having a go, failing and getting back up again and then enjoying that winning feeling. It doesn’t always happen easily but these elements are key to being a better learner and a better person.
Learning has happened when you can explain something in your own words.

KirstyHi, my name is Kristy Bishop and I am a teacher aide. I really enjoy this opportunity to help at school and continue to learn and grow from the experience. I live with my husband and 4 children on a 10 acre block in Mahana. We have a range of animals our newest addition being a wild piglet that came for a school visit. I love to ride my horses, go tramping and spend time outside with my family. I feel so privileged to live in an awesome place like Nelson.

Nettie StowMy name is Nettie Stow. I am the teacher aide at Mahana School. I live on a lifestyle block with my husband and three lovely children. I love to ride my bike and be outdoors with my friends and family.

Jenny RobinsonHi, I’m Jenny Robinson and I’m the School Administrator. I answer the phones, pay the accounts, sort emails, write the newsletter, help those that are feeling unwell or injured, maintain the school management system for all students, sort any payments made to school and a multiple of other tasks. I have worked at the school since 1998 and enjoy the daily interactions with the children, staff and Mahana community. I live in Richmond and have two children, Logan and Teneil. Having come from a farming background I would be lost without animals around me. I have a beagle named “Clifford”, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, several birds, tropical fish and Teneil’s papillon “Oliver”. I enjoy playing hockey, working in my garden and creating in my craft corner!